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A Message from the CEO: We’ll See You in Virginia

Today, I’m very excited to make a major announcement regarding the future of Vantage Data Centers. We just secured 42 acres of land in Ashburn, Virginia to construct a brand-new 108MW wholesale data center campus. It’s the beginning of the next phase for Vantage Data Centers, as we grow from being a leading wholesale data center provider on the west coast to become a leading national provider.

This acquisition represents a significant financial investment for Vantage totaling more than $1 billion over the next several years. The Ashburn campus will be larger than any of our current campuses in Silicon Valley and Quincy, Washington. More importantly, it’s an investment in our customers. As you can imagine, the decision to expand beyond our west coast focus is not one we came to lightly. Throughout the process, there was one constant driver to proceed with the expansion: the demands of our customers.

When selecting the location of the new campus, we wanted to ensure that our east coast customers would enjoy the same premier level of connectivity, service and operational excellence they’ve come to expect from Vantage. Ashburn is an extremely vital strategic location not just for data center providers like Vantage, but for our data center customers as well. Northern Virginia contains the densest interconnection point on the east coast, and Vantage’s new Ashburn campus is less than two miles away from Mae East (Equinix).

Our Ashburn data center campus will also offer several additional benefits for customers. The region features low-cost power and a valuable sales tax exemption which results in a compelling TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for customers. In line with the approach Vantage has taken in Santa Clara and Quincy, the Ashburn campus is designed to be highly scalable, so that Vantage can continue to expand (all the way up to 108MW) to accommodate long-term customer growth on-site.

We are hard at work with the design and permitting of the new Ashburn campus. We plan to begin construction in early 2018, with a five-building design. We will deliver our first 24MW building in early 2019.

Building a campus in Ashburn is our biggest expansion to date, but it’s only the first step. We continue to evaluate additional opportunities to expand beyond Silicon Valley, Quincy and Ashburn so that we can provide our customers with unrivaled service on a national level. I know I speak for the entire Vantage leadership team when I say that we can’t wait for you to see what’s next.