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Connecting your cloud and data center environments

One trend we’ve noticed here at Vantage is that most of the customers we talk to today are running a combination of cloud and data center environments. While a lot of media coverage has focused on cloud replacing data center infrastructure, what we’ve seen is different – we’ve seen smart customers identifying workloads that are a fit for the cloud vs. workloads that are a better fit for a data center environment.

As more customers run these hybrid solutions, we’ve seen increasing demand for direct connection options to connect cloud applications to the data center. Here at Vantage we’ve recently launched a partnership with Level 3 that provides multiple options for customers to purchase a cloud direct connection between Vantage and leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure. We believe the question should be less “cloud or datacenter” and more “how do I integrate cloud and data center to create the best solution for my workloads.”

What are your thoughts?