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Data Center Trends to Watch

In our data-driven world, I like the short, consumable summaries that appear through various social media channels such as Data Center Trends to Watch. This blog from Network Computing suggests that the data center trends of 2014 include the following:

  1. Reducing the data center’s energy consumption (while increasing performance) is cited as the #1 priority by data center managers. I know that our customers are highly focused on reducing energy costs and the importance of LEED Platinum status becomes a high priority for enterprise customers.
  2. The software-defined data center is continuing to evolve, and development is ongoing of the infrastructure management tools necessary to ensure business continuity. We here at Vantage have seen businesses that require software-enabled reporting to ensure the visibility in data center operations.
  3. Data center security continues to rise in importance although I’d suggest the argument can be made that data center security was always important.  Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, upping the ante and requiring enterprises to become more sophisticated in their security defenses.

In summary, these data center trends are summarized as the desire to reduce energy consumption while increasing performance leveraging the resources, processes and tools necessary to ensure business continuity and security. Sounds simple, right?