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Is “wholo” the highest-growth segment of the data center market?

At Vantage, we’ve noticed a trend of customers building their own data center infrastructure earlier in their life cycle. In the past, the market has usually been defined by “retail” at the lower-capacity end of the market, and “wholesale” at the higher-capacity end of the market. While these segments and use cases aren’t going away, we’ve seen a lot of growth in the 250 – 1000 kW capacity range – a segment we’ve started calling “wholo.”

These customers tend to have used retail or cloud solutions in the past, but are interested in the cost of ownership, security, and control benefits of moving into their own data center environment. Here at Vantage we’ve created a range of services to make the migration from a retail or cloud environment as easy as possible – for example, we now offer Smart Hands and a robust customer portal to minimize the need for on-site staff.

We’re seeing a lot of growth in this segment of the market, and are wondering if customers are going to begin migrating into their own data center space earlier and scale up from there.

What do you think?