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The Santa Clara data center market boom continues…

The growth of cloud and online services continues to drive the booming data center market in Silicon Valley, and in Santa Clara in particular.  Vantage is excited to announce two new customers for 4+MW of critical IT load, underscoring our leadership position in the valley.  Just as the Data Center Frontier report recently pointed out, Santa Clara is the Data Center Capital of Silicon Valley and is home to Vantage’s fast growing operations.

We are pleased to offer to our customers the ability to meet their current data center capacity needs in the short-term, while supporting long-term planning needs with our V5 and V6 expansion at our current location which is expected to start to deliver capacity in the summer of 2017. The new 54MW expansion we announced at a second, nearby location that will offer four new data center buildings, offers long-term planning capacity to continue growth through the end of this decade.

We are continuing to see a supply constrained market in Silicon Valley, with limited inventory available across all providers.  Companies have realized that they need to plan ahead and look farther into the future than they ever have.  We are increasingly working with customers 6, 12 and even 18 months in advance of requirements, as they have realized that long term planning is critical in order to find the right provider and data center space.  A large part of our success over the past years is our ability to work with our customers and help them plan and anticipate their needs, and then build a solution that works in both the short and long term.

Our Santa Clara campus currently offers four data centers, totaling 51 MW of critical IT load, and we’re in the process of building two more, for an additional 21 MW capacity. On top of that, we’ve also secured land for a second standalone campus in Santa Clara that will add 54 MW of new capacity—bringing our total expandable capacity to 126 MW across both campuses.

Vantage is a leading partner in providing the wholesale critical IT load capacity to meet our clients’ compute needs today, and in the future.