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Why Northern Virginia for the next stage of our data center expansion journey?

Vantage is currently building a brand-new data center campus in Northern Virginia. From site selection to power to amenities, we wanted to document the progress as well as our thought process at each step of construction. What better way to show you the right way to build a data center than have data center (non)experts Kip & Gary show you the wrong way. Every month during construction of Vantage Northern Virginia we’ll bring you a new Kip & Gary comic as well as a special look into what it takes to not only build a new data center, but a Vantage Data Centers campus.

Kip & Gary pick a data center site

Kip and Gary may have made some poor choices, but their predicament is actually not too far from reality.  Well, okay, it is pretty far from reality, but what they’re going through highlights how important site selection is to the process of building a new data center.

Vantage is no stranger to that process. In fact, if you haven’t heard, we’re expanding from our home on the West Coast and building a brand-new campus in the heart of Northern Virginia’s Data Center Alley.

Building in Northern Virginia was not a hard choice for the company given its strategic location and value to our customers. Vantage is committed to building scalable, large, wholesale data center campuses in key locations around the country. There are few locations more important to our customers’ long-term goals as Northern Virginia. The region features economical and efficient power and a valuable sales tax exemption which results in a compelling TCO for customers.

If low power costs were the only consideration though, we’d probably build in the middle of nowhere like Kip and Gary. One of the primary reasons Northern Virginia is so attractive is its connectivity. Vantage’s new home in Loudoun County is ideally situated close to one of the densest interconnection points on the East Coast. It’s also 10 minutes from Dulles and 30 minutes outside of Washington D.C. In Northern Virginia, our customers will have access to an experienced workforce with the right technical expertise.

You may be thinking, “Well, there are a lot of data centers there already…” and you’d be 100 percent correct. For all the above reasons, Northern Virginia is a very attractive location for providers. The reason why you should absolutely care that Vantage is coming to NoVa comes down to one word: scale.

When Vantage builds, we build big. We don’t build data centers. We build data center campuses with scale baked in. Vantage Northern Virginia will continue to expand to 108MW to accommodate our customers’ long-term, strategic growth plans. We learned a thing or two building at scale in our Silicon Valley home (one of the tightest data center markets in the country), and we’ll be applying the lessons learned to our brand-new NoVa campus. Customers will recognize the same premier level of connectivity, service and operational excellence they’ve come to expect from Vantage.

While Kip and Gary still have a thing or two to learn about picking the right location, we feel like we made the right choice with expanding to Northern Virginia. Construction on Vantage Northern Virginia is currently underway. If you’d like to receive VIP updates on the building progress (and get a 2019 Kip & Gary calendar), just click here.